The Border Biodiversity Project

US/Mexico Border Wall Education Project

Immigration politics are one of the most controversial themes in the news today, but we hear little about the environmental impact a wall between the United States and Mexico border would cause and that existing barriers have already caused. While most people are focused on the socio-political aspects of the walls, very few people realize the number of species that will not be able to move freely and area of habitat that will also be impacted, with 234 miles of wall and fences spanning the length of the U.S- Mexico border.

The Border Biodiversity Project takes many forms

  • Student illustrations
  • Silkscreen flags created as a symbol of unification (uniting us as opposed to dividing us) and also represent a passable barrier rather than a solid wall
  • Participatory art, discussions and presentations to share knowledge about the ecosystem impacts of a border wall
  • Printed postcards sent to people facing deportation or detention, as well as lawmakers with power concerning human rights or ecological issues
  • Flags will be sent to educational, environmental and human rights groups working across these issues along the US Mexico border 

You can participate by joining one of our events and making a print (or hosting the project at your organization!). You can help by sharing information about the ecological effects of a border wall with people you know in person or through social media.

“Thank you (SymbioArtlab)… for providing an engaging activity for all who attended. Many folks shared their admiration for the designs and also a gratitude for the energy you all brought into the space. It was a wonderful educational resource and sparked many conversations about the impacts of barriers.”
– Kaleidoscope Collaborative


Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA, Nov 10th 2019

Community Liberation Through Resistance, Kaleidoscope Collective, 518 Meder street, August 23rd 2019

The Fábrica, Santa Cruz, CA, June 7th 2019

Norris Center for Natural History, UC Santa Cruz, CA, June 3rd 2019 

Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA, May 30th 2019

Sesnon Gallery, UC Santa Cruz, CA, April 10th 2019