Linking art and science for positive environmental change

Connecting Families to their Botanical Roots

Baby Gardens are part of a women’s health and empowerment initiative, and an exploration into the symbiosis between parents’ unique backgrounds which create the developing child. We work with parents to identify key plants from their family backgrounds to compose into illustrated baby gardens. These gardens metaphorically nourish their developing embryos, build their connections to the environment, help participants consider their unique ancestries, and provide personalized focal imagery during childbirth. Through this work we hope to ground current and future generations in their cultural and environmental roots.  By remembering the plants that help us to form our identities we become closer to the earth. This is paired with women’s health information, birthing support and resources, and was part of an education and empowerment program we developed with SF General Hospital for at  risk pregnant teens in the Mission district of San Francisco. 

Empowering women to make healthy decisions around pregnancy and childbirth, and connecting them to the natural environment will impact generations to come.