Species Loss Exploration

Species Loss: Exploring Opportunities with Art-Science

Human-induced global change has triggered the sixth major extinction event on earth with profound consequences for humans and other species. A scientifically literate public is necessary to find and implement approaches to prevent or slow species loss.  Here we explore the goals, impacts, cascading impacts, and lessons learned from art–science collaborations, as well as ideas for collaborative projects.

Harrower, J., Parker, J., Merson, M., 2018 Species Loss: Exploring Opportunities with Art-Science. Journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology: https://doi.10.1093/icb/icy016

Clothing Design Inspired by Science

Seeking Symbiosis: Featured at IDEA Hub Innovator Fair

Our eco-clothing line Seeking Symbiosis was thrilled to receive a second round of start-up funding for innovating design through IdeaHub. At the launch party we shared ideas with an inspiring group of entrepreneurs and discussed strategies for success. 

At Seeking Symbiosis we design and execute stylish prints for clothing and accessories that depict species interactions found in nature. Our artists work with ecological scientists to fabricate unique designs to be featured on the clothing which is then linked to research descriptions through our website.

Learn more and check out the connection of science and art through clothing, research, and collaboration on seekingsymbiosis.com.